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Different Types Of-Winter Tires Salmon Arm BC

What Different Types of Winter Tires Are There?

You know that it’s a good idea to get winter tires for your vehicle — but which type of winter tire should you get? This will depend on a few factors, such as your vehicle type and how you tend to use it. Here are the different types of winter tires that you can choose from.

Winter Tires

Regular winter tires are a solid all-around option, no matter the type of vehicle you drive. If you want to ensure you’re getting the best traction possible out on the road, then this type of tire is ideal. Winter tires are often made out of a soft-pliable tread compound to help provide you with the snow and ice traction you need when you’re driving through hazardous road conditions. These tires also have a special tread patter that is designed specifically to grip ice and snow, increasing your traction.

Winter Performance Tires

If you want to keep your car’s performance-oriented handling — without sacrificing your traction during the colder months — then winter performance tires are a solid option for you. These tires will offer better dry and wet weather handling than all-season tires, though they won’t be able to take on true winter road conditions, such as deep snow, like the regular winter tires can. Winter performance tires are a good choice for performance-oriented vehicles, including sporty SUVs.

LT Winter Tires

For those who use their vehicle as a work horse of sorts, regardless of whether you tow or haul a lot, consider LT winter tires to suit your winter needs. These tires are built for heavy-duty applications. They’re constructed to support more weight and designed to take on higher inflation pressures. Because they can take on higher pressure, that means they’re able to carry heavier loads. This makes them ideal if you have a heavy-duty pickup truck or an SUV that tends to work or play hard.

For more information on whether winter tires are right for you and your vehicle, call us here at Hilltop Toyota.

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