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Proudly Serving Columbia Shuswap

Proudly Serving Chase, BC

A little over 30 minutes away from Salmon Arm lies the splendor of Chase, BC. From its vibrant and progressive residents to its rich history, Chase is a community that Hilltop Toyota is proud to serve.


Chase is named for one of the first settlers in the district — Whitfield Chase. Known as a flamboyant character, Whitfield Chase was originally from New York State. He settled in Chase in 1865 after coming to Canada during the 1858 Gold Rush. He was considered the first non-native settler of the area.

Whitfield Chase and his family remained some of the only settlers in the area until 1907, when an American logging company, known as the Adams River Lumber Company, purchased the original townsite from the Chase family. They sold lots of the land to workers and business people, creating the town’s layout and establishing it as a settlement for those looking for work.

The area continued to grow over the next few decades, finally becoming incorporated in 1969. Since then, Chase as marketed itself as a tourist destination, thanks to its natural beauty and its easy access to the Switchbacks and Little Shuswap Lake.

Things to Do

Explore Downtown Chase

The core of Chase resides in its downtown, which is filled to the brim with specialty shops and restaurants that celebrate local goods. Sip a coffee at one of the cafes and browse our shops to discover everything Chase has to offer. When the weather’s nice, you can even pick up some of your favourite supplies from the deli to enjoy a picnic at the park.

Get a Round In

Head out to the Sunshore Golf Course to enjoy a quick nine holes with your golf buddies. Considered the “jewel of the Village,” this course is ideal for golfers of all ages and has a par 32. You will be able to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Little Shuswap Lake, along with the natural beauty of the Highlands Range.

Head Out into Nature

Because of its location, Chase is a solid jumping-off point for many outdoor adventures. Whether you want to go hiking in the mountains or head out on the lake to boat, kayak, canoe, or fish, the options are endless. You can even enjoy the public beach when the sun’s out to soak up its rays.

Contact us here at Hilltop Toyota for all of your automotive needs, or for more suggestions about fun local places to explore

Proudly Serving Revelstoke, BC.jpg

Adventure, natural beauty, and small-town charm come together in Revelstoke, BC, which is nestled along the banks of the Columbia River. Considered a “must-do trip” on National Geographic’s Ultimate Adventure Bucket List, this vibrant mountain town a wonder place to live and visit, which is why Hilltop Toyota is proud to serve this community.


While the date of Revelstoke’s incorporation as a city is March 1, 1899, it was actually settled before that time. The town was originally founded during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1885. Because of its location so close to the Railway, it was considered one of the largest and most prominent communities in the province’s interior. This made Revelstoke a hub of activity and saw it equipped with a wide range of facilities normally only seen in big cities, including an Opera House and the largest department store in the interior of the province.

Over the years, the town continued to flourish, becoming well-known as a ski-jumping center. Revelstoke boasts the first ski-jump in North America, which was built in 1915, and continues its prominence as a winter-sport destination even now.

Things to Do

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There is plenty of activities to do when you want to head outdoors in Revelstoke. From world-class snowmobile trails that are blanketed by up to 60 feet of snow each year to more than 25 km of Nordic trails, the options are endless. You can dog sled, snowshoe, and paraglide – and that’s just the winter fun Revelstoke offers. In warmer weather, explore Mount Revelstoke and the Glacier National Park that’s on the town’s doorstep or head out on your mountain bike. You can even enjoy a round at the town’s Championship Golf Course that borders the Columbia River.

Relax in the Hot Springs

Relax and take a breather in one of the town’s many hot springs. With so many options to choose from, you can find the ideal spot for your needs from a full-service, resort-level hot springs experience to a more rugged, natural option. Some options include Halcyon Hot Springs, Crazy Creek Hot Springs, and Canyon Hot Springs.

Step Back in Time

Revelstoke has multiple museums to check out, helping increase your understanding of the area and its history. The Revelstoke Museum & Archives, which is located in a historic former Post Office, has a range of exhibits that highlights the town’s past, including one called the “Land of Thundering Snow.” This exhibit in particular talks about Canada’s most deadly avalanche. Other museums in town include the Revelstoke Railway Museum, the BC Hydro Revelstoke Dam, and the BC Interior Forestry Museum.

Hilltop Toyota is proud to serve Revelstoke, BC and the surrounding area. Contact us for any of your automotive needs — or stop by to say hello and check out our shiny new Toyota models.

Proudly Serving North Okanagan, BC

North Okanagan, BC

Set across the region between the Okanagan Valley and the Shuswap lies the North Okanagan region of British Columbia. From its lush landscapes, warm summers, and freshwater beaches, this area is a wonderful place to live and visit. It’s for this reason that Hilltop Toyota is proud to serve this community. Here’s a look at North Okanagan’s rich history and some of the many activities you can enjoy in the area.


The Okanagan natives of the Interior Salish were the first people to inhabit the North Okanagan area, giving the valley its name, which roughly translates to “place of water”. It was then settled by David Stuart of the Pacific Fur Company in 1811. This led to an expansion of settlement in the valley as an influx of fur traders and miners began moving there, growing the population throughout the years. Ranching quickly became a major industry in the area, along with mining. Eventually, though, fruit trees became a primary crop in the area.

In the 1930s, the semi-desert of sagebrush in the area became a fruit-growing mecca as a good irrigation system was developed. This led to the increase in the North Okanagan Valley’s fruit growing, eventually making the area the location of the majority of the region’s fruit growth. Between 2011 and 2013, the province produced over 80 percent of the country’s apricots and cherries, among other fruits.

Now, North Okanagan continues to grow fruit and attracts tourists throughout the valley. Its beautiful scenery and lovely summer weather has led to an increase in the tourist industry, making the area a go-to place in BC.

Things to Do

Head Out on Okanagan Lake

Stretching throughout the North Okanagan area is one of the bodies of water that gave the area its name — Okanagan Lake. This lake is filled to the brim with things to do, from fishing and swimming to parasailing and power boating. It stretches over 135 kilometers, giving you ample opportunity to enjoy it. You can even enjoy tours of the area from the water — many of which end in a dinner/sunset trip with music entertainment.

Go Skiing

The valley is home to the Monashee Mountains, which offer some spectacular skiing opportunities. Head to Big White Mountain resort and enjoy the mountain’s average 7.5 meters of white powder each winter.

For more tips on other sights to explore in the North Okanagan area, call us at Hilltop Toyota.

proudly serving vernon bc.jpg

Vernon, BC

Located in the Okanagan Valley just 40 minutes north of Kelowna lies Vernon, BC. This tight-knit community has an abundance of activities to enjoy, while also boasting pristine lakes and mountain views from every angle. It’s because of its charm and welcoming atmosphere that we here at Hilltop Toyota are proud to serve Vernon.


Vernon is considered the oldest community in the Okanagan and was first inhabited by the Syeelhwh Nation. The area was originally called Nintle-Moos-Chin, which means “jumping over the creek”. It was named so because the banks of BX Creek were close together in this area, making it easy to leap across.

In 1811, the Okanagan Valley area was settled by David Stuart of Pacific Fur Company. It was at this time that the area became popular with settlers, and the first permanent white settler in the Vernon area — Luc Girouard — made the area his home in 1861.

In 1864, when Forbes and Charles Vernon settled in the area, the town became known as Vernon. From there, it continued to increase in population as cattle ranching and growing wheat became the main industry. Then, Lord Aberdeen introduced fruit farming to the area in the late 1890s, eventually making it known for its fruit crops.

In 1903, the first city hall in Vernon was built, quickly helping the town become the largest town in the valley – and the first to have a bank. Since then, Vernon has continued to flourish, eventually becoming a go-to area for visitors to the region. Now, you can see Vernon’s rich history in 27 murals across the city’s downtown buildings, allowing you to get swept back in time.

Things to Do

Check Out Local Museums

Throughout Vernon, you will find an active arts and cultural community. The town is home to a range of art galleries and museums, including the Vernon Public Art Gallery, Greater Vernon Museum & Archive, Okanagan Science Centre, and the Planet Bee Honey Farm, among others.

Hike the Great Outdoors

Natural beauty surrounds Vernon, which means there are ample hiking opportunities out there for you. Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking for a more advanced hiking trail, there are ample options to choose from. We recommend hiking in the spring in particular to see the surrounding mountains filled with blooming flowers.

Need more suggestions for exploring all that Vernon has to offer? Give us a call at Hilltop Toyota.