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Tire Downsizing Salmon Arm BC

What is Tire Downsizing?

Winter in Salmon Arm brings plenty of snow and ice, which is why it’s a good idea to switch out your all-season tires for winter ones. When you’re doing so, though, should you downsize your tires? Here, we take a look at what tire downsizing means and the benefits of doing so this winter.

Downsizing Defined

In the winter, it’s considered best practice to select rims and wheels that are smaller in diameter than your all-season options. Typically, manufacturers will opt to give you larger original wheels for appearance sake. While they look nice, these larger wheels won’t handle winter weather as well as their downsized counterparts.

The Benefits


Get Better Winter Performance

The narrower your winter tire, the better it will perform on snowy roads. That’s because narrower tires will cut through snow better, providing you with an improved grip out on the road. Smaller winter tires also tend to have a higher sidewall profile, which means that your car will have a larger contact patch with the road, allowing you get the traction you need, when you need it.

Handle Winter Road Hazards

Along with giving you a larger contact patch, higher sidewalls will also make it easier for you to take on winter road hazards. This includes those pesky potholes that always crop up as the winter temperatures drop. Not only will downsizing allow you to take the impact of potholes better, but it can also provide you with a softer ride.

Save Money

We’re not going to lie – winter tires can be expensive. When you downsize, though, the tires will likely be cheaper because the sizes are more common. Simply supply and demand means that their price tags are lower. The rims will also be cheaper since it takes less material to make a smaller diameter rim than a larger one.

Call us here at Hilltop Toyota to find out more about downsizing your vehicle’s tires this season.


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